Senior President – Brent Imholte

Formerly “President”

Hi, my name is Brent Imholte and I’m the president of the Yelling for History Club. I first discovered this game while enrolled in an Ancient Rome Class. During the Council of Nicaea game, I played Marcus of Sinope, a fictional character and I enjoyed it immensely as I ensured that the creed solved absolutely nothing. Turns out backstabbing and politicking is something I really enjoy which is probably something I should be concerned about. I’m a history major who specializes in European History but my main interest is the Ancient Mediterranean and specifically Roman History. My interest in history is something that has been present for as long as I can remember. I could philosophize about the role history plays in my life and how it impacts the human experience but I’ll tell you the truth right now. I study history because its cool. When I’m not making a disgrace of myself at the campus I mainly read, play video games and watch movies and tv-shows. I’m a huge science fiction/fantasy and RPG fan and I absolutely love discussing them at often annoying lengths.

Junior President – Alec Walk

Formerly “Vice President”

Born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, I came to Minnesota looking for some space from parents and a Big 10 experience. Currently I am majoring in economics and heading into my junior year. Now I know it may be weird for an economics major to be in a history club, but history is pretty awesome and full of many interesting and sometimes hilarious things. Personally, my favorite parts of history are the Romans, ancient Greece and World War II. Why are they my favorites? Simply because they are epic and full of awesomeness. As well as there are some very cool ideas and concepts that were created during the time periods. Besides history I am a big fan of movies, football, cooking and video games. My favorite movie franchise is Star Wars and more specifically episodes one through six and I guess Rogue One. I don’t include the new trilogy because Rian Johnson destroyed it for me with his abomination of a film in The Last Jedi (I will just leave this topic here because I could say a lot more about it). For football my favorite teams are the Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and the Gophers. I know the first two don’t make a lot of sense and it is very difficult to be a Gopher fan as we kind of suck. Thankfully though we are not as bad as The Last Jedi. For cooking I am a big fan of making barbecue pulled pork and lately I have been on a kick of combining different peppers like habanero, cayenne and serrano peppers into different dishes. On the other hand, my favorite meal to eat is turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn with some home-made gravy. Video game wise I enjoy the Fallout series, Xcom 2 and Warframe. I am very excited though for the new Last Of Us game as the first is probably one of if not thee best game I have ever played. Not much else to say about myself so may the force be with you and please J.J. Abrams save Star Wars.

Past office holders: Alexander Schatz (November 2018–May 2019), Ted Mavetz (September 2018–November 2018)

Treasurer – David Thielen

I’m a spider man doing what a spider can.

Past office holders: Alexander Schatz (September 2018–May 2019)

Publicist – Evan Berg

Formerly “Officer of Public Relations”

As a junior here at the university who wishes to study both journalism and history, I fit pretty well into the niche position that is publicist for this club. I’ve always had in interest in learning new things about the past, and my major is quite conveniently focused on the public sphere. As publicist it’s my job to think of ways to market to and reach out to other students and clubs on behalf of the club, so if you’ve got questions about our club feel free to shoot me an email at As for my favorite period of study, I’d have to say I’m most interested in periods of cultural exchange, such as the Crusades or the colonial period. Unsurprisingly, I’m also a bit of a book nerd, and besides history books, I’m also particularly fond of serialized fiction and anthologies.

Past office holders: Rory Onorato (September 2018–May 2019)

Administrator – Dylan

I’m a spider man doing what a spider can.

Past office holders: Alec Walk (September 2018–May 2019)

Former Officer positions

Gameplay Manager: David Boettger (September 2018–May 2019)