Entente! A Political Waltz in 19/14 Time

This game is over! Thank you to everyone that came and played! Turnout was over fifty people!

Join 30-80 other players as members of six Great Powers and decide the fate of Europe in this megagame of diplomacy and intrigue! Players take on the role of political, military, financial, industrial, or other prominent factions in the countries leading up to World War I.

The ‘Great Game’ is afoot and allegiances WILL shift. Can you deftly maneuver your nation to the top of political and economic heap? Can you trust your allies to truly be there for you when the bullets start to fly? How much are you willing to sacrifice to ensure victory?

Entente! aims to be fun first, and educational second. Previous knowledge of the history and the time period is not required or encouraged.

The Yelling For History Club is partnering with Minnesota Megagames to put on this high-player count megagame!

Check-in starts at 11:30am. Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP and choose your Great Power! (not required, but highly recommended)

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Room 50B
Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs
301 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Saturday, April 13th, 2019
11:30 AM – check-in begins
12 PM – game begins
3 PM – end of game and debrief

How to find Room 50B:
1. Enter the front doors from the roundabout off 19th Avenue.
2. On your immediate left there should be a building map and a staircase directly past it. Go down the staircase to the Ground Level.
3. At the bottom of the staircase you should see an elevator. Take a left down the hallway, in the direction marked “Rooms 15 – 70”.
4. You should walk past a line of black-and-white photographs of famous people mounted on the left-hand wall. Directly past them take a left and enter the Learning Commons.
5. Go all the way through the Learning Commons to the back. Room 50B is clearly marked.

Please monitor this page for updates. Any new or changed information will be posted both here and on the Facebook event.

Flyer copyright attributions:
Map altered from version by Fluteflute on Wikimedia Commons
Turkish coat of arms from Oktaytanhu on Wikimedia Commons
British coat of arms from Sodacan on Wikimedia Commons
German coat of arms from David Liuzzo on Wikimedia Commons
Austria-Hungarian coat of arms from Sodacan on Wikimedia Commons