The Yelling for History Club is a student group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities which hosts fun roleplaying games where players immerse themselves in the personalities of key characters during pivotal events of world history, for the purposes of entertainment and education. We believe that immersion in these historical scenarios provides context and an enhanced understanding of the time period, as well as allowing students to view the relevant issues from the perspective of those who were involved in the controversies and debates. In addition to historical immersion, these games allow players to sharpen their public speaking skills, as well as utilize their analytical and research abilities.

Our group hosts weekly minigames during the school year Thursdays at 5PM in Bruininks Hall 131A. We also regularly hold megagames, which are massive games of 30-80 players and several hours long. The first one we played was Entente! A Political Waltz in 19/14 Time in April 2019. We’re currently gearing up for Synergia: An Elegant Game from a More Civilized Age.

You can find out more information on our about page, learn about our officers, and read our newsfeed.